Breakout Leads and Boxes

Often, the easiest way to capture the signal you require is by using dedicated breakout leads or boxes.

We offer a range of solutions to assist you. We have a comprehensive range of Connector Breakout Leads for some of the most common connectors. If you encounter connectors not covered by this range, you can use our 6-Way Universal breakout leads or our Premium breakout set.

We also offer a range of Fuse Extensions for most common fuse types. Probe the 16-pin diagnostic socket using our CAN Test Box.

CAN Breakouts
Price (ex VAT): R 4,092.12
Price (ex VAT): R 4,559.79
Fuse Breakouts
Premium Breakouts
Universal Breakouts
Connector Breakouts
Price (ex VAT): R 593.35
Price (ex VAT): R 778.34