Econoscope Bore Scope

LED Econoscope Bore Scope - 5mm and 9mm Probe Diameter

Henke-Sass Wolf

The Henke-Sass, Wolf LED Econoscope is a professional, very light-weight and compact bore scope manufactured in Germany. It is available in two diameters - 5mm and 9mm. Unlike previous bore scopes, it uses an LED instead of an incandescent globe.

The advantages are: extremely bright and adjustable illumination; ultra-high quality imaging; and the LED does not need to be replaced.

It is ideally suited for engine bore inspection.

SKU Description Price
HSW-ES5 Econoscope 5mm Bore Scope R 24,400.00
HSW-ES9 Econoscope 9mm Bore Scope R 21,000.00
Econoscope Bore Scope
Econoscope Bore Scope Case
  • Available in 5mm or 9mm diameter
    • 5mm 90° Direction of View, 350mm Working Length
    • 9mm 90° Direction of View, 275mm Working Length
  • Ergonomically designed, very light weight and compact
  • View rotation possible without having to rotate the device
  • Extremely bright illumination - LED 1W
    • 5300K light temperature - every detail visible
    • Adjustable illumination intensity
  • Optional cameras
  • Built-in Lithium Ion Battery
    • 4.2V 1.1A
    • No external battery required
  • Automatic battery supervision
    • Prevents deep discharge
    • Protects against overloading
  • Excellent image quality - improved over previous devices
  • No external battery required
  • Additional rotation function
  • No need to replace a bulb - LED does not need replacing
  • Minimal heat emission
  • Water sealed shaft
  • Charger included
    • Input Voltage 100-240V 50-60Hz
    • Output Voltage 5V DC
  • Blue Carry Case is included
Product Description
Econoscope Bore Scope
Econoscope Bore Scope

The new Henke-Sass, Wolf LED Econoscope, bore scope offers outstanding image quality, super-bright illumination, compact design, network and fibre optic independent operation, all at an affordable price.

The super-bright, miniature LED, mounted at the lens, illuminates the very darkest corners. The extremely long service life of the LED means that replacing it is unnecessary. The brightness can be adjusted easily to suit the application. The upper image on the right shows a conventional endoscope's image and the lower image shows the image quality improvement achieved by the Econoscope.

A powerful lithium-ion battery allows network independent (wire-free) operation.

The eyepiece provides extremely high quality images. A camera (video kit) can be added to convert the device into a complete video endoscope.