Mini Cams - Miniature Cameras for EconoScope Bore Scope

The EconoScope BoreScope is an endoscope with very high quality optics and LED illumination. The operator merely looks into the eyepiece to see the image. In order to save images and / or to view them on a monitor, an optional camera is required.

There are three cameras that are suitable for use with the EconoScope. The Minicam 5 is a universal high-speed USB3.0 camera that can stream 60 frames per second at full resolution - 1280x1024. The Minicam 6 is a super high-quality camera which can stream 30 frames per second at 1920x1084 pixels with 24 bit colour (16,777,216 colours). The Minicam 7 can also stream 30 frames per second but at 1280x960 pixels. It features a wireless lan connection that can interface to I-Phones, I-Pads or Andriod devices.
The Minicams 5 and 6 need an objective connection called a C-Mount to couple them to the Econoscope. The C-Mount is supplied separately (see right). The Minicam 7 has a built-in objective and can couple directly to the Econoscope.
Camera Minicam 5 Minicam 6 Minicam 7
Price 27,400 33,500 14,700
10,600 10,600 Not Required
Objective Connection C-Mount (Required) C-Mount (Required) Integrated Objective
Description The Minicam 5 is an extremely fast camera with built-in Digital Signal Processing. Despite its speed, the image is sharp and brilliant and thus is suitable for universal application. The Minicam 6 is a full HD Camera and has the best resolution. It can also operate independently of a PC. It features an HDMI output which allows you to connect the camera directly to a monitor for applications where no computer is required. The Minicam 7 has a WLAN (wireless) interface which allows you to display images on an i-phone, i-pad or android device. The app is available free.
Includes software for PC/Laptop Includes Remote Control and Power Supplu Unit (PSU) Includes Charger Unit and Case
Resolution 1,280 x 1,024 1,920 x 1,084 1,280 x 960
Full Resolution
Frame Rate
60 fps 30 fps 30 fps
Exposure Time 16μs to 11.6s
Pixel Size 5.3μm 2.2μm
Colour Depth 8/10 bit (256 / 1,024 colours) 24 bit (16,777,216 colours)
Interface High Speed USB3.0 HDMI or LAN W-LAN
Logic Built-in DSP
Power Supply USB Powered External PSU Internal rechargable battery
Dimensions (mm) 31 x 45 x 50 68 x 68 x 56 55 x 90
Storage SD Card Slot (max 32GB)
Operation Time Approx 4 Hours