Jump Starter (Black) SYN-002
Jump Starter (Yellow) SYN-001

Light-weight Jump Starter Kit

The small, light-weight Romoss Jump Starter has many features that can help you in your workshop and when attending to roadside emergencies:

Jump Starter (Black)
Jump Starter (Yellow)
  • A 12 Amp-Hour Lithium Battery can start up to 20 cars on a single charge.
  • The jump starter can supply between 200 and 400 Amps when starting a vehicle
  • Two USB port (5V) charger outputs are provided for charging Cell Phones and Tablets
  • A 'cigarette lighter' socket is included that can be used to charge other 12V car appliances.
  • The bright, built-in LED torch can strobe or flash SOS and therefore can also be used as a hazzard light.
  • Charge the internal battery using the 'cigarette lighter' plug in the vehicle or from mains using the charger, supplied

This jump starter is supplied in a case, complete with battery leads and insulated battery clips. It is small, light and easy to use, just connect to the battery, press the 'boost' button and start the car.


Jump Starter Kit

Product Name Jump Starter
SKU SYN-001 (Yellow)
SYN-002 (Black)
Capacity (Typical) 11,000 to 12,000 mAh
Input DC 15V 1A
LED White, Torch Strobe and SOS
Dimensions 171 x 87 x 31 mm
Weight Aprox 450g
Colours Yellow and Black or Black
Contents 1 x Jump Starter
1x Car Charger
1x Booster Cable
1x Storage Pouch
1x Cigarette Switching Cable
1x Hook and Loop Cable Strap
1x User Manual.
Price R1,375.00 (ex VAT)