Hooks, Booms and Gear Ties

PicoScope has a number of accessories designed to help you when working with your scope. Gear Ties are rubber twist ties that can suspend equipment and cables above your work. You can easily detach and re-use them. The S-hook can also be used to suspend your equipment above your website. The Boom Kit provides a way to store your scope and cables.


This small but essential accessory makes it easy to keep all those test leads tidy in the engine bay.

The S-hook is about 100mm (4") long and coated in plastic and rubber to protect the vehicle's paintwork and your cables. Hook one end underneath the bonnet or hood, and use the other end to hang a bundle of cables up to about 25mm (1") thick.


The PicoScope Boom Kit allows you to store your PicoScope and all your commonly used Leads conveniently while allowing for quick access.

The Boom has slots for three Current Clamps and up to nine cables.

Gear Ties

Reusable Rubber Twist Ties have a tough rubber shell that provides excellent grip, a strong wire inside that holds its shape, and a range of bright colors to catch your eye. At Pico we use them for a number of different applications from hanging up diagnostics tools to tidying cables. The possibilities are endless.

  • PICO-TA297 - pack contains 6 x 18" (46 cm) Gear Ties in orange.
    • The 18" gear ties are ideal for supporting your WPS500X Pressure Transducer during tests and preventing any risk of it scratching the vehicle.
  • PICO-TA296 - pack contains 12 x 12" (30cm) Gear Ties in orange
  • PICO-TA295 - pack contains 12 x 6" (15cm) Gear Ties in orange
  • PICO-TA295 - pack contains 8 gear ties of varying lengths and colours

PICO-MI168 S hook
PICO-PP985 Trolley Boom
PicoScope Engine Bay S-Hook
Price (ex VAT):
 R 52.86
PicoScope Boom Kit
Price (ex VAT):
 R 3,484.15
PICO-TA257 PicoScope Boom Support Tube
PICO-TA258 PicoScope Cable Boom
PicoScope Boom Support Tube
Price (ex VAT):
 R 2,081.14
PicoScope Cable Boom
Price (ex VAT):
 R 1,636.85
PICO-TA295 Gear Tie Assortment
PICO-TA296 Gear Tie 6
PICO-TA297 Gear Tie 12
PICO-TA298 Gear Tie 18
Gear Tie Assortment 8-pack
Price (ex VAT):
 R 311.88
Reusable Rubber Twist Tie
Gear Tie 6” (15cm) 12-pack
Price (ex VAT):
 R 431.84
Gear Tie 12” (30cm) 12-pack
Price (ex VAT):
 R 503.81
Gear Tie 18” (46cm) 6-pack
Price (ex VAT):
 R 311.88