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Automotive Oscilloscopes and Kits

Our oscilloscopes are available separately but we suggest that you consider our range of automotive kits that include many accessories that you will need.

Current clamps, test leads and pressure sensors are just some of the accessories found in the various kits, which can be purchased in carry cases and / or with foam cutouts.

Click on the item descriptions to see more information about the products, e.g. 4425 4-Channel Advanced Kit or the SKU, e.g. PICO-PP925 for a list of items contained within that kit.

The PicoScope automotive oscilloscope software is available free-of-charge and includes a "demo device" so that you can try it for youself. Download now.

4225 2-Channel Oscilloscopes and Automotive Kits
2-Channel Starter & Diagnostic Kits >>
Price: R 11,250.54
Rent from: R 274.29
Price: R 13,582.26
Rent from: R 331.14
Price: R 14,864.72
Rent from: R 362.40
Price: R 16,885.54
Rent from: R 411.67
2-Channel Standard Kits >>
Price: R 26,134.69
Rent from: R 637.16
Price: R 26,387.29
Rent from: R 643.32
Price: R 28,038.92
Rent from: R 683.59
4425 4-Channel Oscilloscopes and Automotive Kits
4-Channel Starter & Diagnostic Kits
Price: R 18,051.40
Rent from: R 440.09
Price: R 22,248.49
Rent from: R 542.42
Price: R 23,530.93
Rent from: R 573.68
Price: R 25,163.13
Rent from: R 613.48
4-Channel Standard Kits
Price: R 35,072.95
Rent from: R 855.08
Price: R 35,325.55
Rent from: R 861.24
Price: R 36,977.17
Rent from: R 901.50
4-Channel Advanced Kits
Price: R 46,731.55
Rent from: R 1,139.32
Price: R 48,227.72
Rent from: R 1,175.79
Price: R 49,879.35
Rent from: R 1,216.06
4-Channel Diesel and Engine & Hydraulics Kits
Price: R 34,101.39
Rent from: R 831.39
Price: R 34,354.00
Rent from: R 837.55
Price: R 36,005.64
Rent from: R 877.82
Price: R 60,426.23
Rent from: R 1,473.19
4-Channel Master Kits
Price: R 79,441.18
Rent from: R 1,936.78
Price: R 81,527.11
Rent from: R 1,987.63
Price: R 85,133.65
Rent from: R 2,075.56
4823 8-Channel Oscilloscope and Professional Automotive Kit
8-Channel Oscilloscope and Professional Kit
Price: R 34,420.03
Rent from: R 839.16
Price: R 71,603.22
Rent from: R 1,745.69
Carry Cases
Price: R 3,983.20
Rent from: R 97.11
Price: R 1,478.04
Rent from: R 36.03