4425 4-Channel Master Kit

4-Channel 4425 PicoScope Master Kit

Our Automotive 4 Channel Master Kit has been designed so that our customers can include everything they need in a single purchase.

While there are always more items that you can buy to add to your toolbox, this Kit is the most comprehensive so far.

Our Master Kit includes ~


The new heavy duty Master Kit Carry Case (PICO-PA136) also includes foam cut-out locations for your PicoDiagnostics NVH Kit, which is sold separately.

The combination of our kits and software make vehicle diagnostics intuitive and logical. Each kit comes with a variety of accessories to test a multitude of vehicle components; help and advice for these are available in our PicoScope 6 software. Our PicoScope Master Kit will allow you to analyse an endless list of diagnostic signals from your test vehicle.

Product Updates

Please Note The gear ties that are supplied with the Master Kits have been changed from the PICO-TA295 to the PICO-TA298.

The 4.5m USB3 Cable PICO-TA303 has been replaced with the 4.5m USB2 Cable PICO-MI121 in the Master Kit and in the NVH Essentials Kit because some users have had problems with their laptops driving USB3 over long distances. The long USB2 cable does not have this problem.

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Example Tests
Compression Test MAP Glow Plugs Secondary HT
Cylinder Balance Pedal Sensor Injectors DIS Ignition
Battery Alternator Test Road Speed Speed Control Valve Coil-on-Plug
Alternator Solenoid Valve Valve Timing Multi Coil On Plug
Starting Volt/Amps Temperature Sensor Amplifier Earth CAN Bus
Relative Compression Throttle Position Amplifier Signal Blink codes
Smart Alternator Knock Sensor Primary Flex Ray
ABS Cooling Fan Primary Ignition KWP2000
Camshaft Fuel Pump SAW Signal LIN bus
Crankshaft Stepper Motors DIS Primary Voltage vs. Current Cam vs. Crank Position Sensors
Distributor Pick-Up Throttle Servo Primary vs. Secondary Primary Ignition vs. Crank
Fuel Pressure Pressure Regulator DIS Primary Voltage Primary Ignition vs. Injector
Lambda Camshaft Adjuster DIS Primary Current Cam, Crank, Injector and Ignition
MAF Sensor EGR Primary Ignition vs. Secondary  
Please have a look at our comprehensive list of Automotive Guided Tests.
NB Some tests may require additional accessories that may not be supplied with this kit.
4425 4-Channel Master Kit
4425 4-Channel Master Kit in Carry Case
Price (ex VAT):
 R 96,068.40
4425 2-Channel Master Kit in foam
4425 4-Channel Master Kit in Foam
Price (ex VAT):
 R 98,590.93
4425 4-Channel Master Kit (Case & Foam)
Price (ex VAT):
 R 102,952.32
PICO-PA136 Heavy Carry Case for the Master Kit
Heavy Carry Case for Master Kit
Price (ex VAT):
 R 4,816.89