4823 8-Channel Automotive Oscilloscope and Professional Automotive Kit

4823 8-Channel Automotive Oscilloscope

Pico Automotive have introduced a new 8-channel Automotive Oscilloscope called the 4823. It is the world's first high-resolution, 8-channel automotive oscilloscope fast enough for CAN, CAN-FD and FlexRay, including serial data decoding.

4824 PicoScope Front Panel

A useful addition is an arbitrary waveform and function generator which allows you to simulate waveforms to test and stimulate actuators and mimic responses from sensors. Please note that you may need a special isolator, buffer amplifier or driver to use this feature successfully in the field due to the relatively high impedance and low over-voltage specification of the output. Please contact us should you require any assistance with this feature.

The 4823 is similar to the 'Test and Measurement (electronics)' 4824, except that it has protection fuses on its inputs and can be used with the PicoScope Automotive software.

The 4225 and 4425 vs the new 4823 PicoScope

The 4823 is very similar to the 4225 and 4425 oscilloscopes (i.e. 12 bits, 20 MHz) but there are a few specifications and features that are different. Please refer to the specifications on our oscilloscopes page (click on the Specifications tab) for full details. We have summarised notable differences below:

Pico 4225 Pico 4425 Pico 4823
Channels 2 4 8
Arbitrary Waveform & Function Generator No Yes
Floating Grounds Yes No
Input Range 200V 50V
Input Protection 250V 100V
Buffer 200MS 256MS
Maximum Sample Rate 400MS/s 80MS/s
The 8-Channel Professional Kit
Why are 8 channels necessary?

Eight channels facilitates testing of five, six and eight cylinder engines. V6 / V8 CAM timing (4/6 cams plus crank, and sometimes a WPS pressure sensor), and VVT timing systems. Trucks, earthmoving and agricultural vehicles often require a mix of electrical and hydraulic measurements on multiple valves simultaneously to diagnose problems with system interaction. The 4823 is ideal for full system diagnosis on components (including power, ground, signals, current) and general engine diagnostics where many signals need to be monitored simultaneously.

Things to consider when deciding between a 4425 and the 4823

The 4425 is much more rugged than the 4823. It has a convenient hanging strap and a rubber boot to protect it in the harsh automotive environment. Its inputs can withstand much higher voltages than the 4823 (250V vs 100V). It has floating grounds and has a much higher sampling rate (400MS/s vs 80MS/s). The 4823 has many specialised applications but the general workshop technician should, as a general rule, always choose the 4425 unless there is a really pressing need for an eight channel instrument.


The 4823 8-Channel PicoScope (PICO-PQ185) and the 8-Channel Professional Kit (PICO-PQ184) are brand new products and will only be shipped from the UK from the 15th July 2019. Pricing will be provided on request. We believe that there will be considerable world-wide demand for these products. If you wish to acquire one of these products, please place your order soon so that one can be reserved for you.

Part SKU Description Quantity
PICO-MI074 Secondary Ignition Pickup (automotive test lead) 8
PICO-MI121 Cable: USB2 4.5m 1
PICO-MI168 "S" Hook 2
PICO-PA038 Telescopic pack: 45x45 length 80-120mm 2
PICO-PA147 6 pocket roll up pouch in black Pico branded 1
PICO-PA186 Carry Case: Heavy Duty PS4823 1
PICO-PR361 PS4823 8 channel 20MHz 80MS/s USB3.0 automotive scope 1
PICO-TA001 Multimeter style test probe (black) 2
PICO-TA002 Multimeter style test probe (red) 2
PICO-TA003 Small crocodile clip (black) 2
PICO-TA004 Small crocodile clip (red) 2
PICO-TA005 Dolphin clip 1000V CATIII (black) 2
PICO-TA006 Dolphin clip 1000V CAT III (red) 2
PICO-TA008 Electronics Acupuncture Probes 1
PICO-TA017 4mm shrouded to unshrouded adaptor red 8
PICO-TA018 60A DC current clamp with BNC connector 1
PICO-TA033 Lead: BNC to BNC with earth clamp 1
PICO-TA034 Breakout lead for ATC style fuses 1
PICO-TA035 Extension lead for mini style fuses 1
PICO-TA037 HT extension test lead 4
PICO-TA106 Earth wire for coil pack 45cm long 1
PICO-TA125 Premium Test Lead: 3M BNC to 4mm blue permanent ground 2
PICO-TA126 Premium Test Lead: 3M BNC to 4mm red permanent ground 2
PICO-TA127 Premium Test Lead: 3M BNC to 4mm green permanent ground 2
PICO-TA128 Premium Test Lead: 3M BNC to 4mm yellow permanent ground 2
PICO-TA155 Cable: USB 3.0 blue 1.8m 1
PICO-TA157 Battery clip 4mm socket (red) 2
PICO-TA158 Battery clip 4mm socket (black) 4
PICO-TA161 Flexible back pinning probe black 8
PICO-TA162 Flexible back pinning probe red 8
PICO-TA167 Precision 2000A/200A current clamp BNC 1
PICO-TA168 Extension lead for JCASE fuse 1
PICO-TA197 Divide by 10 attenuator 4
PICO-TA204 Insulated COP and signal probe 1
PICO-TA206 Extension lead for maxi style fuses 1
PICO-TA234 Current Clamp: 30A 1
PICO-TA324 Premium 6-way breakout lead set 1
PICO-TA329 Ultrasonic Parking Sensor Detector 1
PICO-TA330 Keyless Entry Detector 1
PICO-TA375 Oscilloscope probe: 1:1/10:1 switchable 100 MHz, BNC 2