PICO-PQ020 Mixed Current Clamps Kit in Foam

Current Clamps, Scope Probes and Differential Probes

High and low current clamps allow you to test starter motors, fuel pumps and injectors. You can even check cylinder balance and compression using Pico Diagnostics, quickly. Find current 'leaks' all without breaking the circuit. Once you own our current probes, you will find them indispensable.

Scope probes allow you to examine high-frequency signals, e.g. the CAN bus and our differential probes allow you to see high voltages and signals that are not referenced to ground.

Brand New! Plug-and-Play PicoBNC+™
PicoBNC+™ Current Clamps
Price (ex VAT): R 4,559.79
PicoBNC+™ 10:1 Scope Probe and Adaptor
PicoBNC+™ Temperature Probe
Current Clamps
Price (ex VAT): R 1,856.34
Price (ex VAT): R 2,326.30
Price (ex VAT): R 4,325.96
Price (ex VAT): R 4,325.96
Voltage Probes
Price (ex VAT): R 399.47