PICO-PQ175 4225A 2-Channel Starter Kit

2-Channel 4225A PicoBNC+ Automotive Oscilloscope Starter Kit

PICO-PQ175 4225A 2-Channel Starter Kit
PICO-PQ175 4225A 2-Channel Starter Kit
4225A 2-Channel Starter Kit
R 19,438.36
Starter and Diagnostic Kits

The PICO-PQ175 2-channel Automotive PicoScope Starter Kit has everything you need to start your diagnostic journey.

You need clips and test leads to connect to a vehicle and the PICO-PQ175 entry-level, 2-Channel PicoScope Starter Kit includes the essentials to allow you to perform a number of tests. You can expand your Kit as necessary by purchasing extra accessories whenever you need them, thereby increasing the number of tests you can perform.

Free Diagnostic Software for your PICO-PQ175 Starter Kit

The PicoScope 6 and the new PicoScope 7 software packages are free and you can download them from the Internet. The scope software, despite being easy to use, is extremely powerful. Consequently, it allows you to perform many tests and find electrical and mechanical faults. Examples include CAN, wiring, sensors, actuators, timing and many more.

Pico Diagnostics

Along with the 2-Channel PicoScope, you also receive our award winning PicoDiagnostics software. PicoDiagnostics includes a cylinder balance test and a relative compression test. If you add a current clamp to your PICO-PQ175, you will be able to perform a Battery Test which tests both the starting and charging systems on the vehicle. If you add an NVH kit, you can perform NVH testing and Propshaft Balancing using Pico Diagnostics. Your new PicoScope is central to a comprehensive and powerful diagnostics system.