Centrafin Finance


You can buy our PicoScope products or you can rent them. Please note that you are always welcome to arrange your own financing. We have approached an external finance company to help you with rental finance if you wish. Rates depend on the amount of capital, the length of time and whether your turnover exceeds two million rand.

Benefits of Renting
Rent a PICO-PQ039 4425 4-Channel Master Kit with case
  • No deposit required from you
  • Rental is a small percentage of the cash price
  • Your working capital is unaffected
  • Rental payments are fully tax-deductible
  • Rentals are not balance sheet items -
    • Capex authorisation is not required
  • Initial monthly fees can be minimised with an escalation clause
  • Cash outflows are known and predictable which helps with budgeting and planning
  • Existing credit is not affected
Example Rental Rates
Total Order Amount Months Monthly Rental (ex VAT)
Turnover < 2,000,000 Turnover > 2,000,000
From To From To From To
10,001 20,000 60 282.03 564.00 279.33 558.60
48 319.63 639.20 300.63 634.20
36 384.64 769.20 382.24 764.40
R 20,001 R 50,000 60 526.43 1,316.00 523.83 1,309.50
48 603.63 1.509.00 601.23 1.503.00
36 735.84 1,839.50 733.44 1.833.50
R 50,001 R 100,000 60 1,290.03 2,580.00 1,270.53 2,541.00
48 1,484.03 2,968.00 1,465.53 2,931.00
36 1,816.04 3.632.00 1,798.54 3,597.00
R 100,001 and more 60 from 2,476.02 from 2,438.02
48 from 2,870.03 from 2,833.03
36 from 3,539.04 from 3,504.04

Final rates will be confirmed by the finance company.

How it works
Rent a PICO-PQ109 NVH Essentials Advanced Kit

You place an order with Garage Lube (more than R10,000) and indicate that you want to take advantage of the rental option. You will need to supply the following documents to the finance company:

  • Completed and signed application form
  • Copies of bank statements (6 months history)
  • Latest audited financials
  • Latest Management Accounts

You can choose to rent the items over 36, 48 or 60 months. If you application is approved and you accept the financing from the finance company, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Company registration documents (CIPC)
  • Proof of banking (cancelled cheque or letter)
  • Company letterhead
  • Copy of ID of directors / shareholders / members
  • Proof of installation address (FICA)
    • If owned: rates & taxes
    • If rented: Google maps printout

The goods become the property of finance company. We deliver the goods to you and you pay the finance company a monthly rental. Please Note that Garage Lube does not supply credit or any financial services and is not a financial services company.

Please send an email to Sarah if you are interested in renting our equipment.

Rentals are currently only available in South Africa. We hope to extend that range so if you are in another Southern African country and you are interested in renting a PicoScope, please let us know.