Test Leads

PICO-PP941 Test Leads Set 5m

A range of high-quality test leads for interconnecting your Pico test equipment. The cables are colour-coded to match the oscilloscope channel colours so that you can see at a glance where each channel is connected.

The BNC to 4mm adaptor allows you to connect 4mm test leads (e.g. multimeter leads) to your scope. The attenuator reduces the level of the input signal by 10:1 which increased the voltage capability of the scope inputs. The scope software automatically adjusts the input levels whn the 10:1 attenuator is selectd.

The Keyless entry carrier detector and the Ultrasonic parking detector are used to check whether those signals are being generated by the vehicle.

The high quality USB cables are used to connect the oscilloscope to the PC. The USB3 cables are recommended for the new 4x25 oscilloscopes.

Brand New! Plug-and-Play PicoBNC+™
PicoBNC+™ Resistance Lead
Premium Test Leads
Price (ex VAT): R 1,240.65
Price (ex VAT): R 1,240.65
Price (ex VAT): R 1,240.65
Price (ex VAT): R 1,240.65
Adaptor and Attenuator
Price (ex VAT): R 1,187.40
Price (ex VAT): R 469.96
USB Cables
Price (ex VAT): R 269.71
Price (ex VAT): R 323.65