Pico 2-Pole Voltage Detector

PICO-PQ196 4425A 4-Channel Electric Vehicle Kit in Case

The Pico 2-pole Voltage Detector is part of the EV Kit and can be purchased separately.

The TA466 is a standalone tester that is used to check for the presence or absence of a voltage, and thereby allows the technician to confirm that the high-voltage has been disconnected from a circuit before proceeding.

The measurement range of the 2-Pole Voltage Detector Tester is up to 690VAC and 950VDC to suit electric and hybrid vehicles, and the unit features a 3-digit red and blue LCD display, with an indicator light for voltages over 50V. There is also an audible continuity test function for resistance less than 100Ω.

Steve Smith demonstrates the 2-Pole Voltage Detector Tester and he exposes the mistakes that can be made when relying on a multimeter to detect dangerous voltages. Watch the video on our training website (scroll down to the last video on the page).

PICO-TA466 Pico 2-pole Tester
Pico 2-pole Tester
R 6,563.92
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