CAN Data Loggers from CSS Electronics

Garage Lube has great pleasure in announcing that we been appointed as distributors of high quality CAN bus data loggers from CSS Electronics in Denmark.

We are in the process of creating CAN Logger Pages so please be patient. Prices will be added soon. If you need pricing now, please contact us.

What is CAN and LIN?

CAN is a high-speed network used in modern vehicles and by industry for Electonic Control Units (ECUs) to communicate with each other. CAN allows many sophisticated control functions to be shared on a simple, robust 2-wire network. Vehicles also use a lower-cost, single-wire network called LIN where speed and reliability are not as important. In addition to control, the CAN network is also used to diagnose faults on the vehicle. A great deal of information can be gleaned from the CAN network such as Engine Speed, Road Speed, etc.

For more information on CAN also see our CAN Bus Test Page.

What is a CAN Data Logger?

A CAN Data Logger connects to one or more CAN (and / or LIN) networks and records the information being transferred over the network. The information can be stored on an SD memory card and / or uploaded via USB, WiFi or 3G or 4G GSM (the Cell Phone Network) to your server. CAN Data can be filtered to provide only data of interest or all data can be recorded.

CANedge Software and API Tools

Who uses CSS CAN Data Loggers?

CSS CAN Data Loggers are supplied around the world. Examples of leading organisations that use these products are: Volkswagen, Bosch, Liebherr, Nissan, Siemens, JCB, Toyota, Continental, Hyundai, Cummins, CERN and John Deere.

Data Logger Products Overview

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CLX1000 and CLX2000 low-cost CAN Loggers

CLX000 - Low-cost CAN Logger and Interface

The CLX000 lets you log CAN data to an SD card in CSV format (Excel Compatible) - and process it via the free software tools. Further, you can stream data in real-time via USB on your PC for e.g. reverse engineering and diagnostics purposes.

The CLX000 is ideal if you need a basic CAN logger. You can also stream data in real-time via USB.

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CANEdge Professional Dual CAN and LIN Data Loggers

CANedge - Professional Dual CAN and LIN Logger

The CANedge is our 2nd generation data logger. It combines ease-of-use with cutting-edge specifications and powerful configurability. The time-stamped data can be processed in your favorite tools - or via 100% free open source software and APIs. The CANedge1 is recommended for pure data logging use cases. The CANedge2 allows automatic uploads using WiFi. CANedge3 is ideal if you need to collect data LTE (3G or 4G Cell phone network). A typical application is pushing data from a fleet of assets to your server.

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Sensor to CAN Modules Temperature and GPS Positioning

CANmod - sensor-to-CAN modules

The CANmod is a series of 'sensor-to-CAN' modules that capture analogue (voltage levels), digital (pulses), GNSS/IMU (Global Positioning GPS) or thermocouple (temperature) data. The modules integrate with any CAN bus system - meaning you can use them stand-alone to inject CAN data into a vehicle or machine CAN bus. You can also use them as add-on modules for any CAN logger or interface. They are especially suited as add-ons for the CANedge Loggers.

Applications of CAN Data Loggers

As seen from the list of promenent OEMs that use these products, applications are diverse and range from automtove, fleet management, vehicle telematics, reverse engineering and many others. Here are a few ideas to consider.

CAN Data Logger Vehicle Black Box

Vehicle Black Box

Do you need to monitor data from your vehicle fleet?

The CANedge1 is an ideal tool for recording data over long periods of time from fleets, including cars (via OBD2) and heavy-duty vehicles (via J1939).

With filters, compression & cyclic logging you can log years of data. Ideal for e.g. warranty/legal data storage or optimization.

Industrial CAN Logging

Intermittent Faults

Finding that elusive, critical problem.

If you have e.g. production equipment that periodically exhibts an issue, the CANedge1 is a great diagnostics tool. Simply connect it and leave it in. If the issue occurs, you can extract the raw data, DBC convert it and plot it for quick diagnostics.

DBC: (Database CAN) is a file that describes CAN data and is used to decode raw CAN Data into values that you can understand and read.

Vehicle Telematics with CAN Data Logging

Vehicle Telematics

Do you need to monitor & optimize a vehicle fleet in near real-time?

For 'on-road' upload of data, the CANedge3 can upload data via 3G/4G to e.g. your own AWS S3 cloud server.

Alternatively, the CANedge2 can upload data when the vehicle periodically returns to e.g. a garage WiFi network. Ideal for OBD2 logging, truck fleet management, predictive maintenance and more.

Warehouse Fleet Management

Do you need to monitor a fleet of AGVs or forklifts in a warehouse?

For site managers or OEMs, the CANedge2 can be used to collect data from AGV or forklift fleets, e.g. for optimizing battery management.

The device has a large WiFi range and can upload via multiple WiFi access points. You can choose to store the data on your local, dedicated or cloud server.

AGV: Automated Guided Vehicle.

Reverse Engineering with CAN Data Logging

Reverse Engineering

Do you want to reverse engineer proprietary data parameters?

You may need to reverse engineer proprietary CAN data, for instance, as part of creating dashboards or custom applications.

The CLX000 lets you use both data logging and USB streaming as part of decoding exercises. Further, our free Wireshark plugin provides useful tools for reverse engineering CAN data.