Fuse Breakouts and Kit

Do you need to measure the current through a circuit but can’t find anywhere on the vehicle where you can connect your current clamp? Our fuse breakout extension leads are a simple accessory that can save you valuable time.

Fuse extension leads are quick and easy to use: simply remove the fuse (of the circuit you wish to test) from your fusebox and replace it with a fuse extension lead. Now insert the fuse into the extension lead. To measure the current drawn, just connect your Pico current clamp to the extension lead.

Fuse Breakout Extension Kit

If you purchase the Fuse Breakout Extension Leads Kit, all four fuse extension leads are supplied, allowing you to use the leads with ATC /ATO, Mini, JCASE, and Maxi style fuses.

Watch - Fuel Pump Test - Audi TT

Fuse breakout being used

In this video a gasoline fuel pump test is performed using Fuse Breakout Leads.

PICO-PP967 Fuse Breakout Adaptors Set
PICO-PP967 Full Set of Fuse Extension Leads
Full Set of Fuse Extension Leads
R 2,522.76
PICO-TA034 ATC / ATO Fuse Extension Lead
PICO-TA035 Mini Fuse Breakout Adaptor
PICO-TA168 JCASE Fuse Breakout Adaptor
PICO-TA206 Maxi Fuse Breakout Adaptor
PICO-TA034 ATC / ATO Fuse Extension Lead
ATC / ATO Fuse Extension Lead
R 550.95
PICO-TA035 Mini Fuse Extension Lead
Mini Fuse Extension Lead
R 608.94
PICO-TA168 JCASE Fuse Extension Lead
JCASE Fuse Extension Lead
R 840.92
PICO-TA206 Maxi Fuse Extension Lead
Maxi Fuse Extension Lead
R 695.93