Noise Vibration and Harshness - NVH Videos

Our NVH Videos are moving to our training website.

The PicoScope Noise Vibration and Harshness NVH Kits have been completely revamped. You still have all the functionality but with greater flexibility. If you don't own a PicoScope, the new Essentials NVH Kits now include a 4425A 4-Channel PicoScope. The NVH videos introduce you to an exciting branch of automotive technology.

Master the NVH skills, introduced in these videos, with our Comprehensive NVH Course.

1. PicoScope NVH - An Introduction
1. PicoScope NVH an Introduction

Pico have created a brand new series of videos presented by Steve Smith and Frank Massey, which introduce you to Noise, Vibration and Harshness. The first video in the series introduces NVH and explores basic concepts.

2. PicoScope NVH - Theory
2. PicoScope NVH Theory

The second video in the series tackles NVH theory. You need to understand the theory to decipher NVH data. Vibrations vs sounds? How are they generated, transferred and the effects that they have? Is a noise or vibration a characteristic of the vehicle?

3. PicoScope NVH - Working with NVH

The third video shows how to use NVH when solving a customer problem and how to setup an NVH session using the Pico Diagnostic Software. It helps you understand how NVH data is presented as frequencies, bar graphs and in the time domain.

4. PicoScope NVH - Deciphering Road Test Results

The fourth video in the series takes data from an NVH road test and shows you how to decipher it to find the source of a vibration. Try to reduce the number of variables. Pinpoint vibrations with multiple accelerometers.

5. PicoScope NVH - Pinpointing using the Time Domain

The fifth video investigates how vibrations travel. Find an impulse noise (knock, bang or rattle) by measuring delay and working back to the source. Use the PicoScope 6 software to capture minute time differences.

6. PicoScope NVH - Noise and Sound Analysis

The sixth video in the series investigates Sounds and Noises. Use an Optical Sensor and a microphone. Find problems at frequencies unrelated to conventional engine (E) transmission (P) or tyres (T).

7. PicoScope NVH - Case Studies

The seventh and last video shows real-world problems and their solutions. Combustion anomolies, drive shaft misalignment, transmission, customer recordings, frequency generation, wheel bearings and combustion imbalances.

PicoDiagnostics NVH Kit

Taken from a series on automotive vibration analyzers, this shows the Pico NVH Analyzer for independent repair shops and automotive dealerships in operation.

3-Axis Vibration Measurement

Steve Smith talks about Pico's NVH kit and completes a 3-axis vibration measurement.

Review of the PicoDiagnostics NVH Kit

Scott Brown, President of IATN, uses the Pico NVH Kit to identify a vibration in a Chevrolet S10.