Pico Academy Training Videos

Welcome to the Pico Academy! In the past, Pico Technology in the UK had roadshows where they would visit their distributors around the world. The roadshows provided training and live demonstrations to help customers to understand and use the PicoScope more effectively. As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, Pico have now switched to providing on-line roadshows.

The Latest PicoAcademy Course

The latest course for Garage Lube customers was held on the 17th May 2021 on YouTube. You can watch the entire video or use the index below to jump to sections that you are interested in. Click on the video on the right (621MB) to start it playing. You can download the video by right-clicking on it (after starting it). Choose "Save Video As".

Video Index

00:00:00  Start – Short delay before the content starts
00:01:26  Welcome, Introduction and Overview
00:04:04  What is PicoScope?
00:06:03  Test Example – Relative Compression (Also see Test 1)
00:07:19  How does PicoScope help – Comparison with “Live Data”
00:08:44  Where to Start
00:09:29  Introducing PicoScope 7 the new PicoScope Software
00:10:31  Tour of the new PicoScope 7 Software in Demo Mode
00:24:05  Software Evolution – Pico used by Vehicle Manufacturers
00:26:30  PicoScope Kits and Components
00:28:11  4425A 4-Channel Standard Kit
00:33:00  Choosing the right kit
00:34:46  Introducing PicoBNC+
00:35:39  Working on Vehicles – Connect, Run then Read
00:36:52  ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Test (also see Test 6)
00:39:31  Multimeter vs PicoScope
00:41:45  Live Camshaft Signal Test using the Guided Test
00:48:56  Vehicle Health Check
00:52:25  Live Battery Testing using PicoDiagnostics
00:57:18  Measuring Coil Packs with a COP Probe
01:00:31  COP Testing Animation (also see Test 2)
01:02:10  Live COP Testing using the Guided Test
01:07:48  Injector Testing using a Current Clamp Animation
01:09:50  Opel Astra Crank Cam Correlation P0016 Fault Code Discussion
01:13:05  Cam Crank Signals Live (also see Test 7)
01:18:00  Break
01:31:10  Toyota Prius Engine Noise – EV Case Study (see YouTube Video)
01:46:40  Understanding Waveforms
01:48:54  Pressure Testing with WPS500X (also see WPS500X Videos)
01:50:28  Diesel Back Leakage Testing Video
01:55:06  Introduction to NVH (also see NVH Videos)
01:58:09  Cooling Fan Imbalance Video
02:10:30  NVH Live Testing and Setup
02:13:36  Conclusion Help and Support
02:17:00  Pico Planet
02:20:45  End – Thanks for watching!

The First PicoAcademy Course

On the 16th September 2020, Pico presented their first two and a half hour PicoScope training course, especially for Garage Lube customers.

The first course was held on the 16th September 2020 (originally on YouTube). Click on the video on the right (750MB). You can download the video by right-clicking on it, choose "Save Video As".

PLEASE NOTE: The course starts about 2 minutes, 30 seconds after the video starts. Please be patient.