PicoScope Automotive Oscilloscopes and Accessories

The PicoScope Automotive Oscilloscopes are the heart of a comprehensive set of Automotive Diagnostics Tools.

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How often does a problem present itself that is almost impossible to solve? Replace this component, then that; try this and then that; and all the while your customer becomes more irate! A PicoScope automotive oscilloscope will open your eyes to problems that are invisible when using conventional techniques.

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A large collection of videos is available so that you can see the PicoScope in action and find out how it will help you in your business.

PicoScope is a high-end Automotive Oscilloscope and Diagnostic System designed to make your task easier by solving those elusive vehicle problems quickly and efficiently. When fault codes aren’t enough, our award-winning, automotive oscilloscopes will help you to save time and money. Our scopes work with any motorbike, car or truck and make fault-finding faster.

Here are a few notable features that make PicoScope the best available diagnostic tool:

PICO-PQ120 NVH Advanced Diagnostic Kit in Carry Case
NVH Advanced Diagnostic Kit
Multiple Measurements
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Pressure
  • Noise and Vibration
Vertical Resolution
  • 12-bit oscilloscope
  • 16x better than 8 bits
  • Graphical waveform is cleaner and more accurate
Floating Inputs
  • Each input is separate from the other channels
  • Independent Grounds across the channels
  • Ground voltage differences between channels - up to 30V
Buffer Memory and Waveform Buffer
  • Record up to 250 million samples
  • Zoom in for minute detail
  • Waveform buffer allows for searches through previous waveforms
Bandwidth and Maximum Sampling Rate
  • Bandwidth - 20 million cycles per second
  • Up to 400 million samples per second
  • See events that other scopes simply ignore
PICO-PQ038 WPS500X Maxi Kit with Carry Case
Maxi Pressure Kit
Kits and Components
PicoScopes are supplied in kits that are designed to suit you budget and which can be extended as you need further functionality. We have a wide range of high quality components, sensors and accessories that have been developed for longevity and can withstand harsh environments such as the engine compartment of a vehicle.