USB Cables

USB 2.0 & 3.1 Cables

USB 2.0 USB 3.0 or 3.1

USB cables are required to connect the PicoScope to the PC. Without delving into the technical specifications, USB 3 is 10 times, or more, faster than USB 2. USB 3 ports, generally, are also able to provide more power.

Your Automotive PicoScope can use either standard.

Computer USB 3 ports usually have a blue centre piece which distinguishes them from USB 2 ports, which are normally black or sometimes yellow or white

The USB Cables featured on this page are high quality cables used to connect your Automotive PicoScope to your PC. The cables carry data to and from the scope and also provide power to the scope.

If you have the latest 4225, 4425, 4225A or 4425A scopes, use the USB3 cable which will also work when plugged into a USB2 port on your computer if necessary. Older scopes such as the 4223 or 4423 may require the older USB2 cables

Product Update

Please Note The 4.5m USB 3 Cable PICO-TA303 has been replaced with the 4.5m USB2 Cable PICO-MI121 in the Master Kits and in the NVH Essentials Advanced kits because some users have had problems with certain laptops driving USB3 over long distances. The short USB3 PICO-TA155 and both USB2 cables do not have this problem. This means that the PICO-TA303 4.5m USB3 cable will not be shipped in future and can no longer be ordered.

PICO-MI106 Cable USB 2 1.8m
PICO-TA155 Cable USB 1.8m
PICO-MI106 USB2 1.8m Cable - Blue
USB2 1.8m Cable - Blue
R 242.77
PICO-TA155 1.8m USB 3 Cable - Blue
1.8m USB 3 Cable - Blue
R 394.50
PICO-MI121 Cable USB 4.5m
PICO-MI121 USB2 4.5m Cable
USB2 4.5m Cable
R 455.19