CANedge3 Dual CAN & LIN Data Logger
(SD + RTC + 3G/4G)

  • PLUG & PLAY: Log data out-the-box. Standalone. Power via CAN connector
  • PRO SPECS: Extractable 8-32 GB SD. 2xCAN/LIN. CAN FD. Zero data loss. 50 μs RTC
  • CONFIGURABLE: Filters. Transmit lists. Triggers. Cyclic logging. Silent mode
  • SECURE 3G/4G: Push data to your own server via 3G/4G. End to End Security.
  • MANAGE FLEET: Easily update config/FW over the air accross fleet. RTC sync via 3G/4G.
  • FAST & SECURE: Industrial SD card. Data encryption for GDPR/CCPA. Compression
  • INTEROPERABLE: Convert MDF4 to e.g. CSV, ASC, TRC. Free open source GUI/API
  • COMPACT: Only 8 x 5 x 2 cm. 100G. Alu enclosure. 5 LEDs. Configure CH2 5V power out
CANedge3 Dual CAN LIN Data Logger with 3G/4G GSM

Technical Specifications
Safety CE, FCC, IC Certified
Voltage Tests Transients ISO 7637-2:2011 by TÜV SÜD
Warranty 1 year
Support Free, Fast & High Quality
Origin Denmark
Software 100% Free and Open Source
Channels 2x CAN, CAN-FD & 2x LIN (Master/Slave)
Protocols J1939, OBD2, CANopen, NEMA2000, FD, ...
Bit-rate Auto-detection / Simple / Advanced Customisation
Data Logging
SD Card 8 - 32GB (Extractable Industrial Micro SDHC)
Real-Time Clock 50μs Resolution (Battery Backup)
File Formats MDF4 (.mf4) Easily Process and Convert
Safety 100% Power Safe
Configuration Advanced Options (filters, prescalers, compression, error frame logging, data encryption, triggers and more.
GNSS/IMU (optional) Add 40+ GNSS/IMU Signals (see deep dive)
Power Supply
Input Supply 7V to 32V DC (Via Channel 1 DB9)
Power Consumption < 1W
Mechanical & Connections
Connector 2x DB9 (Adapter Cables are Available)
Length 75mm
Width 47mm
Height 20mm
Temperature -25°C to 75°C
IP Rating IP40

Product Description

The plug & play 2xCAN/LIN logger records timestamped CAN data (Classical/CAN FD) to the extractable 8 GB industrial SD card.

The small device connects via 3G/4G using your own sim card, to securely push data to your server. Further, the device can be updated over-the-air. The CANedge3 is ideal for telematics & fleet management - as well as R&D field tests, diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

Software/APIs are free & open source - with no fees or lock-in.

It's easy-to-use: Simply power the device via your CAN connector to start logging raw data. Extract the data and process it using 100% free open source MDF4 software/API tools - or convert it to your favorite log file format (Vector ASC, PEAK TRC, CSV, ...).

New: The CANedge3 is now available with optional GPS/IMU.

Pro specs CAN logger - at half the cost

The CANedge1 combines innovative design, cutting-edge components - and incredibly low costs:

  • Dual high speed CAN/LIN (incl. CAN FD) channels
  • Extractable 8-32 GB industrial SD card (months of data)
  • Binary MDF4 log file format (extensive tool support)
  • Advanced message filtering & transmit functionality
  • Start/stop logging triggers based on CAN ID & databytes
  • Silent mode, bit rate auto-detection, cyclic logging
  • CAN/LIN error frame logging
  • Data compression & encryption (e.g. for GDPR, CCPA)
  • Fast boot time. Safely disconnect during use

CANedge Software

Open source software/API - naturally

All software/APIs for the CANedge is 100% free and open source.

Data is stored in the popular MDF4 standard to enable interoperability across CAN tools and custom systems.

Convert: Simple MDF4 converters let you convert data to e.g. CSV, ASC (Vector), TRC (PEAK) - for use in your favorite tools.

Process: The asammdf GUI lets you process your data incl. DBC conversion (J1939, OBD2, ...) and graphical plots (Windows/Linux).

Automate: Easy-to-use Python APIs let you automate processing of large amounts of data (incl. quickstart library on github).

Visualize: Easily visualize data in customizable dashboards

Mechanical Dimensions

CANedge Dimensions

Documents, Manuals & Downloads

CANedge3 GNSS Get Started

CANedge3 GNSS Documentation

CANedge3 GNSS Specifications (pdf)