CLX000 Low Cost CAN Data Logger and Interface

  • PLUG & PLAY: Log data out-the-box. Standalone. Power via CAN connector
  • STANDALONE: Log CAN data to 8-32 GB SD card (no PC needed). RTC (CL2000)
  • STREAM: Send/receive CAN data in real-time to PC via USB in SavvyCAN (DBC support)
  • FREE SOFTWARE: All software is 100% free. DBC convert data via simple Windows GUI tool
  • COMPACT: Only 7 x 4 x 2 CM. 50G. 3 LEDs. Mini USB port for SD extraction + streaming
  • LOW COST: Lowest cost CAN logger & interface on the market

DBC: (Database CAN) is a file that describes CAN data and is used to decode raw CAN Data into values that you can understand and read.

CLX1000 and CLX2000 low-cost CAN Loggers

CL1000: CAN Bus Logger & USB Interface

The plug & play CL1000 CAN logger records CAN bus data to an 8 or 32 GB SD card. The logger is 100% standalone (no PC required) and data is easily extracted via USB.

The CL1000 is ideal for vehicle development and field testing (cars, heavy duty & more).

Further, the CL1000 doubles as a powerful reverse engineering tool with live-streaming via USB in SavvyCAN.

CL2000: CAN Bus Logger & USB Interface (+RTC)

The plug & play CL2000 CAN logger records CAN bus data to an 8 or 32 GB SD card and timestamps it with a real-time clock.

Further, the CL2000 can operate as a CAN bus interface for real-time USB streaming.

The CAN logger is ideal for vehicle fleet management (trucks, buses, harvesters, cars, ...), prototype field testing, diagnostics or reverse engineering.

Send/receive data in real-time via USB

With the free SavvyCAN software, it’s easy to send/receive CAN data via USB, view raw traces, DBC decoded signals or to create visual plots. The software also adds powerful reverse engineering tools.

The CLX000 (CL1000 & CL2000) can stream raw CAN data via USB to your PC for real-time analysis:
  • Stream raw CAN data in flexible views (filters, traces, ...)
  • Send CAN frames into your CAN bus with real-time control
  • Display human-readable form via DBC files (incl. J1939)
  • Create real-time plots of decoded signals like speed, RPM, ...
  • Highlight bit/byte changes per CAN ID via the 'sniffer view'
  • Quickly plot 'hypothesis signals' for reverse engineering
  • Load CLX000 log files for post processing analysis
CLX000 Software
Technical Specifications
Safety CE, FCC, IC Certified
Warranty 1 year
Support Free, Fast & High Quality
Origin Denmark
Channels 1x CAN (Classical)
Protocols J1939, OBD2, CANopen, NEMA2000, ...
Data Logging
SD Card 8 - 32GB (Extract via USB)
Real-Time Clock 1ms Resolution (CL2000 only)
File Formats CSV and Plain-Text
Configuration Simple Configuration Options
USB Streaming
Stream Send & Receive Raw or Decoded CAN Data
Power Supply
Input Supply 7V to 32V DC (Via DB9)
Power Consumption < 1W
Mechanical & Connections
Connector 1x DB9 (Adapter Cables are Available)
Length 66.7mm
Width 42.7mm
Height 23.5mm
Mass 50g
LEDs Power, Data & Mem
Temperature -20°C to 65°C
IP Rating IP40

Product Description

The plug ∓ play CLX000 is a simple-to-use CAN logger. The device logs CAN data to an 8-32 GB SD card or streams it via USB to a PC.

The two devices: CL1000 and CL2000, are similar except that the CL2000's data is date & time stamped via a real-time clock with battery backup.

The CLX000 is used in blackbox logging, reverse engineering or simple telematics use cases. For logging or WiFi/LTE use cases. For improved functionality, see the ‘2nd generation’ CANedge series.

Compact CAN logger + interface

The CLX000 lets you both log raw CAN data to an 8-32 GB SD card and/or stream it via USB in real-time:

  • Power via DB9 connector (<1W power consumption)
  • Auto-detect bit rate - no configuration required
  • Log raw CAN data in simple CSV format
  • Easily extract data from the SD card via USB
  • Configure device via simple CONFIG.INI file or editor
  • Silent mode, filters, transmit lists, cyclic logging
  • Timestamp data via real-time clock (CL2000 only)
  • Stream data in real-time via USB in SavvyCAN
  • Transmit custom data with real-time control
  • DBC convert logged/streamed data via free software

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