Prop-shaft Balancing Optical Sensor Kit

Optical Sensor Kit

This Kit is a companion to our NVH Kits, providing a high-quality optical sensor and magnetic mount for Prop-shaft Balancing when used with our balancing software.

Primarily used for balancing of propshafts (drive shafts), this Kit also supports frequency measurement of other rotating items.

When used with PicoDiagnostics balancing software, a simple graphical guide allows you to identify and correct imbalance in a quick and consistent manner.

Kit Contents

This Kit is a companion to our NVH Kits and is for use in conjunction with a PicoScope 4000 Series Automotive Oscilloscope.

The kit contains the following items, which can also be found on NVH Accessories:

  • PICO-TA186 Optical Sensor 3.5mm Jack
  • PICO-TA187 Magnetic Base for Optical Sensor
  • PICO-TA188 Directional Tape Measure for Propshaft Balancing
  • PICO-TA284 Optical Interface and Battery
  • PICO-PA100 Carry Case for Optical Sensor Kit
Balancing Propshafts with PicoDiagnostics NVH Kit

The PicoDiagnostics NVH Kits can also support balancing of rotating components when you use the optional Optical Sensor Kit with it.

The NVH Kits can reveal problems with vibrations that are related to engine speed (RPM), propshaft speed, road speed or other unrelated frequencies. With the example of a propshaft-related vibration, it can be a lot faster and cheaper to rebalance the propshaft than to replace it.

The Balancing Kit contains a high-quality optical sensor with an interface to connect it to your PicoScope and a robust magnetic mount to ensure that the optical sensor can be held in the correct position. Again, the software wizards in PicoDiagnostics will guide you through every step of the process.

Wizards and Methods
NVH Optics Balancing Screen

The Balancing software supports different methods such as pinion flange (adding weights to existing holes in the flange), and hose clamp (clamping weights to the shaft using jubilee clips). In each case the system provides complete guidance and direct instructions on both the weight and location to balance the shaft.

Together with the NVH Kits, this system brings to the technician the level of capability previously only available in the vehicle manufacturer's factory or expensive, dedicated repair facilities. All of this is supported by our ongoing software updates that will continue to improve the system long after initial purchase.

PICO-PP991 Balancing Optical Sensor Kit
Opto balancing kit
Price (ex VAT):
 R 6,184.95
Optical sensor 3.5mm jack
Price (ex VAT):
 R 3,619.95
Magnetic base for optical sensor
Price (ex VAT):
 R 1,075.64
Directional tape measure for propshaft balancing
Price (ex VAT):
 R 72.75
Optical Interface and Battery
Price (ex VAT):
 R 496.45
Please see our article on Propshaft Balancing.