Kits and Contents - Cross Reference Guide

Use this page to analyse PicoScope kits. This page displays either ~

  1. the contents of a selected kit; or
  2. a list of different kits that contain the selected item.

Some of the items are linked to their respective pages so that you can view them in detail.

NVH Essentials Advanced Kit
Price (ex VAT): R 58,341.94
The above kit contains the following items:
Sensor Extension Cable 3m
Price (ex VAT): R 1,386.38
4.5m USB 2.0 Cable for PicoScope
Price (ex VAT): R 323.65
1 x Quick Start Guide for the 4225 / 4425 Automotive Scope
Finished Product Rainbow 4-Channel PS4425
1 x Finished Product Rainbow 4-Channel PS4425
1 x Carton: Jazz Case 440 x 375 x 165mm
1 x Leaflet: WACO English (NVH QSG)
MEMS Accelerometer
Price (ex VAT): R 2,702.26
Microphone - Standard Pico
Price (ex VAT): R 1,339.38
3-Output NVH Interface Unit
Price (ex VAT): R 2,937.24

 Please note that the composition of kits may change.

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