Pico Academy Training Video (Low Resolution)

Welcome to the Pico Academy! Pico Technologies in the UK used to have roadshows where they would visit their distributors around the world. The roadshows provided training and live demonstrations to help customers to understand and use the PicoScope more effectively. As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, Pico have switched to providing on-line roadshows and on the 16th September 2020, they presented a two and a half hour Pico Academy training course, especially for Garage Lube customers.

We have downloaded the course (originally on YouTube). We have uploaded two versions of it to our website. This page has the the lower resolution version (275MB) if you have problems with bandwidth. You can also choose the High Resolution version (750MB) which we recommend.

You can download the video by right-clicking on it, choose "Save Video As".

PLEASE NOTE: The course starts about 2 minutes, 30 seconds after the video starts. Please be patient.