Frank Massey Top Ten PicoScope Videos and Archives

Frank Massey presents ten videos which take you through a number of common tests showing you some of the best practices when using your PicoScope.

#1 Cranking Current

Frank Massey discusses using a PicoScope to measure current to observe voltage drop against load. This video covers timebases, voltage ranges, the theory and the physical connections required.

#2 Actuator Duty Current

Frank looks at a Turbo Control actuator, measuring control duty and current. This video covers the theory of the test, what is being tested and the simplicity of using a scope and current clamp.

#3 Air Mass Meter Conversion Digital to Analogue

Frank looks at converting a digital air mass value to an analogue value.

#4 Wide Band Lambda

Frank looks at the wide band lambda sensor.

#5 Ignition Profiling

Frank discusses evaluation of the ignition circuit in Ignition Profiling.

#6 Power, Ground and Current

Frank looks at the relationship between current, voltage drop and ground reference.

#7 Common Rail Pressure Sensor Testing

Frank looks at the performance of the high-pressure pump under full load.

#8 Direct Fuel Injection – High-pressure Pump Testing

Frank looks at the function of the electronic control unit and hydraulic pump performance of pressure over time.

#9 Compression Testing

Frank looks at real-time dynamic compression testing with the WPS500X Pressure Transducer.

#10 DPF Sensor Testing

Frank looks at diesel particulate filter (DPF) sensor testing, using the previous PicoScope 4425.

Injectors (Archive)

In this video Frank demonstrates how you can test your injectors using a PicoScope. By simulating a faulty injector, Frank shows you how to tell if there is a problem just by analysing the waveform displayed on your PC.

CAN Bus (Archive)

CAN bus is becoming increasingly common on today’s vehicles. In this video Frank demonstrates the power of the PicoScope, including the advanced zoom feature that allows you to see every detail of the CAN bus waveform.

Air Mass Meter and Lambda Sensors (Archive)

Watch as Frank uses a mixture of theory and practical demonstrations to explain and test air mass meter and lambda (oxygen) sensors.

Testing Coil-on-Plug Ignition (Archive)

Frank Massey is one of the UK’s leading vehicle diagnostic experts. In this video Frank shows how to use PicoScope to test a coil–on–plug ignition system.

Review (Archive)

In this final video Frank gives his closing thoughts on the PicoScope automotive oscilloscope, what the best PC to use with the scope is and details of other tests that the PicoScope can be used for.