General PicoScope Diagnostics Videos

A selection of general PicoScope diagnostics videos that show how the oscilloscope is used to test fuel systems, ignition systems, parking sensors, and mass airflow sensors.

Air fuel sensor test using PicoScope

In this video, Ben Martins, checks out the Premium 6-way Breakout Lead Set (PICO-PQ070) using it to check the air fuel ratio.

Pico Automotive Parking Sensor Test - AT814

Steve Smith of Pico Technology demonstrates the Guided Test used for ultrasonic parking sensors.

Sight Block Kit

Steve Smith talks us through the Sight Block Kit - PICO-PQ071.

Motor Age How2 #10

Motor Age has made this great video that shows how easy it is to do a battery/charging system test with PicoScope.

Coil-on-Plug Ignition

A great video showing how to use the COP Probe as a virtual secondary to the coil, to display primary current and trigger signals.

Transmission line testing with the WPS500X

A video from Autonerdz demonstrating the use of the WPS500X Pressure Transducer.

GM MAF Sensor Test

This video shows how to test a digital-type - variable frequency - MAF sensor using a PicoScope.

Air Mass Meter Evaluation

In this video, a good air mass meter on a Ford Mondeo 2.0 is tested, then an air leak is simulated to show the effect on the meter and the performance of the engine.

Testing an IAC-type Solenoid

This video shows a PicoScope Automotive Oscilloscope being used to test a solenoid-type idle air control valve.

Secondary Analysis

This video by Mick Jones and Autonerdz demonstrates the power of PicoScope along with some of its advanced features.

Checking for a jumped timing chain or belt

This video shows how to use your PicoScope to check engine timing.

Understanding running compression waveforms

Viewing pressure waveforms from inside the cylinder of a running engine can provide much diagnostic information. Understanding them will help you spot valve issues, blocked catalytic converters and restricted air intakes.

Fuel Pump Test - Audi TT

In this video a gasoline fuel pump test is performed using Fuse Breakout Leads.

Voltage spikes in an automotive relay (Archive)

Apprentices use a 2-Channel PicoScope to investigate the behaviour of a standard 12V, 30A automotive relay as it is switched off. There is a significant voltage spike in the energising circuit each time the relay is de-energised.

PicoScope and FirstLook Pulse Sensor Introduction

In this video SenX show you how PicoScope can reveal problems quickly and efficiently using the FirstLook sensor.

CAN Test Box

Pico’s CAN breakout box provides access to all CAN pins and allows you to connect your diagnostic tool (e.g. your ELM OBDII Tester). This video shows a CAN Test Box in action on a GM Class II Bus.