Using PicoDiagnostics Software

PicoScope 6 is a software package that allows you to use your PicoSope as a conventional oscilloscope - with many automotive enhancements. When you install your PicoScope 6 Software, another separate programme is installed called PicoDiagnostics.

Fault and Fix

PicoDIagnostics is a suite of pre-configured diagnostic tests that help you to use your PicoScope efficiently. You can conduct the tests, print any problem results, effect repairs and then print the good results. This provides objective proof of 'fault and fix' for your customer.

PicoScope Battery Test

In this video Eric O. shows us how to use the PicoScope to perform a battery test to determine the quality of an automotive battery before replacing it.

Relative Compression Testing

PicoDiagnostics removes the need for current clamps to be used to view relative compression during engine cranking and displays the results in an easy-to-understand bar graph.

Misfire Diagnosis and Cylinder Balance Testing

PicoDiagnostics software can be used to test the relative power output (power balance) and count the number of misfires from each cylinder.This can rapidly show problems such as power loss due to ignition issues, blocked injectors or poor compression.

Test Batteries, Alternators and Starter Motors

PicoDiagnostics software can be used to test the battery (12V or 24V), alternator (for charging and diode ripple), starter motor and associated wiring. You can then print an easy-to-understand report for your customer. The test is so quick to do that it's worthwhile doing on every vehicle that comes into your shop.