The PicoScope Basics Video Collection

A collection of videos that introduce you to PicoScope basics. Find out how to setup your Picoscope and use the software and controls.

PicoScope Basics: Part 1

In this video Paul 'Scanner' Danner guides you through the essentials of PicoScope and helps you to master basic functions and tests.

PicoScope Basics: Part 2

Paul 'Scanner' Danner continues his introduction to the essentials of PicoScope and helps you to release the power of your system.

PicoScope: Common Functions

In this video John Thornton walks you through some of the common functions of the PicoScope.

Scope Sampling

An illustration of how changing recorded samples from a scope changes the waveform displayed.

Frank Massey: Introduction to PicoScope (Archive)

A clear and concise introduction to automotive oscilloscopes: from “what is a scope?” and “why use a scope?” to “what can I test?” Frank explains, in simple terms, everything you need to know.

Frank Massey: Getting Started with PicoScope (Archive)

In this video Frank shows how quick and easy it is to start using a PicoScope. In just 11 minutes, Frank takes you from installing the software, to running simple tests and taking measurements. Frank finishes by testing the ignition primary system.