PICO-PP992 & PICO-PP993 Clip Sets

Automotive Test Clips and Adaptors

Making connections to the electrical system in a vehicle can be a frustrating experience. We provide a range of probes, clips and adaptors to make connections to vehicle circuits much easier.

We have a wide selection available ranging from back-pinning probes which enable you to access signals through the rear of the wiring loom connectors. There are croc clips of different sizes, each targeted at different size connectors.

Our Dolphin Clips are good, general-purpose clips however when you are connecting to battery terminals and large bolts our Battery Clips often provide a more secure grip. When you need to connect to tiny connections or wires, our Sprung Hook Probes give a secure connection in the smallest spaces.

For those occasions where there is no other access available, we offer piercing clips which enable you to make a secure connection though the wire insulation.

Consider upgrading your scope kit with our red and black test probe kits.

Peircing and Back-pinning Probes
Test Clips and Probes